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Winter Pressure Washing

Winter Pressure Washing

Everything often looks a shade darker during the winter months, with less sunlight and dirt, grime, and salt covering many exterior surfaces. Professional pressure washing can cure the winter grays by restoring and reinvigorating your home's outside surfaces, immediately boosting curb appeal. But, if the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius), then there's a danger that pressure washing at such temperatures may cause future issues with your home's structural integrity.

Pressure Washing In Freezing Temperatures

Certainly, if you need your home, business, garage, driveway, or decks to undergo power washing during the winter months, it can be done: as long as the possibility of below-freezing temperatures is not forecast during the day of your scheduled service. Always avoid freezing temps during pressure washing, house washing, building washing, or any pressure washing service on structures vulnerable to freezing damage. The general rule of thumb is not to pressure wash when the outside temperature is below 40 degrees.

Property Damage Dangers Of Pressure Washing In Low Temps

One danger of freezing temperatures when pressure washing is that water can get trapped in unseen places. If it's too cold and the cleaning solution with water freezes, the expansion caused by the formation of ice crystals can put stress on structural connections. You should always speak to your professional pressure washing company to determine if the warming temperatures from noon to sunset will be sufficient drying time for pressure washing services. So, if you're planning a Christmas gathering or a New Year's party and want your property looking its best, call Peak Performance Pressure Washing to discuss when to schedule your house washing during the winter months.

If a pressure washing company offers to pressure wash your home when temperatures are likely to dip below the freezing mark, they're committing major winter pressure washing errors, and you might be dealing with an inexperienced, unethical, or unprofessional pressure washing service.

Equipment Damage Dangers Of Pressure Washing In Low Temps

Other considerations for pressure washing during winter months include the effects of freezing temperatures on pressure washing equipment. Pressure washing equipment has pumps and cleaning solution lines that can freeze if the temperatures are too low. So a day when the temps will hover around forty degrees is safe for pressure washing and ensures our expensive equipment won't become damaged.

Slipping Dangers Of Pressure Washing In Low Temps

Water that runs down driveways and sidewalks can freeze when temperatures are low. This can create an unsafe environment for anyone walking on these surfaces, greatly increasing the chances of a potentially dangerous, or even fatal slip-and-fall incident. No professional pressure washing company should put your family or property in jeopardy, so make sure to use a trusted, established, fully insured pressure washing company like Peak Performance Pressure Washing that you know you can trust.

Low Temps Compromise Pressure Washing Job Quality

Depending on the pressure washing services you are choosing and the materials to be cleaned, low temperatures can affect the quality of the finished job. For example, services like mineral acid cleaning require temperatures above 50 degrees to prevent an unwanted chemical reaction. In cold weather, cleaning chemicals take longer to work, and it may take more cleaning solutions to obtain the best results from winter pressure washing.

Property owners should contact Peak Performance Pressure Washing before considering pressure washing outdoors during the coldest winter months because winter pressure washing can be dangerous to property and humans. We are flexible and will take the time to make sure the Minnesota and Wisconsin winter weather is cooperating to always deliver the best in pressure washing services.

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