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Maintain Your Winona Fence Line With Professional Fence Washing

Fence Washing

A dirty, worn fence is a backdrop of grime, mold, and rot to your Winona outdoor fun, recreation, and relaxation, and that is unacceptable when professional fence washing, patio, and deck cleaning are so fast, easy, and affordable. We're the leader in quality, value, and trust for commercial and residential pressure washing for Winona and the surrounding area and our trained technicians can make your fence so clean, spotless, and renewed that your Winona neighbors will think you replaced it with a new one. Don't replace your dirty, worn Winona fence, renew it with affordable professional fence washing from the soft wash pros at Peak Performance Pressure Washing.

Fence Cleaning Excellence

Professional fence cleaning by the experienced soft washing and pressure washing specialists of Peak Performance Pressure Washing, not only restores your fence to its original new appearance, but will also protect your fence and border walls from aggressive organic growth and contaminants that can cause rot and decay, and necessitate avoidable early replacement. Mold, mildew, dirt, smoke, pollen, clay, rust, fungi, moss, and algae all appear on Winona fences, but no matter what your fence is constructed of, we've got the skills and equipment for soft washing, pressure washing, and whatever level of exterior surface cleaning needed for the greatest achievable fence cleaning results.

Wizards Of Wood Restoration

Wood fences are not cheap to replace, even if you can find someone to do it that you trust, so it's important to know that professional fence cleaning by a reputable pressure washing professional should be explored before committing to full fence replacement. Of course, the pressure washing professional should be experienced with soft washing chemicals and treatments because a high-pressure washing stream can easily scar and mark all types of wood. However, the results that an experienced soft washing tech can produce results rivaling the work of artisan carpenters and wood restoration experts. Follow that up with painting, staining, or sealing and you've essentially got a brand new fence at a fraction of the cost, time, and inconvenience of a new fence installation.

Frequently Asked Fence Washing Questions

If you've ever sanded, wire-brushed, or scraped a fence in preparation for a new coat of paint or stain, you know what a tedious and time-consuming chore it is. Why subject yourself to that kind of needless torture when Peak Performance Pressure Washing can do a better, more thorough job in a few hours, and for a very budget-friendly cost? When it's time to repaint or restain, call us at 507-910-8817 and make paint and stain prep painless, fast, and perfect.

Mold, mildew, algae, and other organic intruders are notorious for attacking and decomposing outdoor surfaces if not professionally exterminated and removed. Wood rot caused by natural contaminants greatly decreases the usable life of expensive fences, so professional fence cleaning is a smart investment in preventative maintenance as well as property cleaning and beautification.

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