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Canopy Cleaning To Properly Maintain Fabric & Metal Awnings In Rochester

Canopy Cleaning

Peak Performance Pressure Washing proudly offers canopy cleaning to the Rochester area. Awnings, sailshades, and other canopies can benefit from regular professional soft wash canopy cleaning to rid them of rot-causing mold, mildew, and fungi. Canopy cleaning not only keeps your outdoor spaces aesthetically pleasing, but our professional canopy cleaning process will also add extra seasons of use to your expensive Rochester backyard canopy or awning, providing you with more value from your canopy investment.

Peak Performance Pressure Washing is the most versatile and helpful professional authority on exterior cleaning and pressure washing for Rochester business owners, with professional soft wash canopy cleaning and several other specialty exterior cleaning services designed for the betterment of your business, including:

Awning Washing For A Well-Maintained Business Space

Your Rochester business's awnings and outdoor canvas and fabrics will not only look like new again, but they'll also last longer mold and mildew-free, with our affordable professional soft wash awning and canopy cleaning treatment. You can trust Peak Performance Pressure Washing to treat your outdoor fabrics with extra TLC and soft washing expertise. Our awning cleaning process not only makes your awnings look great, but soft wash awning cleaning also kills and deters organic invaders like mold, mildew, algae, and fungi that will rot and ruin your expensive awnings and canopies long before their time.

Shades, Sails, And Shade Sails

Sun shades, shade sails, and actual canvas sails repurposed as backyard shades can all look brand new when you schedule canopy and outdoor fabric cleaning at the beginning of your backyard season, and neighbors will think you're buying new shades every year. Even the hardiest outdoor fabrics will eventually lose the battle against nature, but like any other parts of your property, the better care you take of awnings, canopies, and outdoor fabrics, the longer they will last. High PSI pressure washing is too strong and can rip outdoor fabrics, so it's critical that any canopy cleaning, awning, canvas, or fabric washing uses soft washing technology for maximum cleaning effect with the least chance of damage.

Frequently Asked Canopy Cleaning Questions

In addition to wind and dry rot, fabric awnings are also in danger from attacks by moss, mold, mildew, and other natural organisms that slowly eat away at your canopies. Our canopy cleaning process kills and removes these organisms and repels future infestations that can shorten the useable life of your awnings and canopies and cause premature replacement.

We don't recommend pressure washing fabric awnings as high pressure can damage the material. Soft washing is a much safer and more effective method of cleaning awnings using eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals to kill organic growths and dissolve dirt and grime that can then be safely removed with low-pressure washing.

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